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Why WordPress?

Feb 10, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Business 0 comments

WordPress is a very popular content management system which is 2015 supported more than 74 million sites. It’s powerful and we design in it for many reasons. So why WordPress?

1. It’s free

You might want to pay for great plugins, but in essence WordPress is 100 percent free is extremely beneficial. It is also open source. This means that you can improve or alter the source code to create the right site for your needs, using anyone you want so you aren’t tied to a web developer.

2. Powerful right out of the box

WordPress is ready to use immediately after installation. Quick. And time is money!

3. Flexible

It’s suitable for anything from a personal blog to a busy ecommerce site. Versatile, flexible and with a huge library of add ons, extensions and plugins you can add on.

4. Search engine friendly

The framework is easy to crawl. Google’s Matt Cutts actually endorsed WordPress during WordCamp San Francisco 2009. PS His own personal blog is on WordPress.

5. Safe and secure

it’s popular therefore it’s always a target for hackers. But WordPress takes the security of its users very seriously and constantly updates its software to prevent attacks.

6. Customizable

Thousands of plugins and themes means you (and we) can customize your site to appear and function as you would like.

7. Easy to use

It is really user-friendly, intuitive and easy to learn, in a few minutes. It’s as simple as updating a document. Trust us, you’ll like it.

8. Lots of support

There’s lots of support, forums and help out there for whatever you need.

9. Hosts multimedia

Users love photos, videos and media. WordPress lets you add these in many ways. Easily. And update them, easily.

10. Mobile friendly

WordPress is mobile friendly and we design all sites to be responsive ie adapt to mobile and tablet use screens.

11. Integration.

WordPress integrates really easily with other software, such as eMarketing giants MailChimp. It also works with popular payment gateways.

12. Easy to manage

WordPress also notifies you whenever there are updates for your themes and you can manage your site easily and have peace of mind it’s all done, keeping it safe.

13. More than just a blog

It started as a great blogging platform but WordPress also makes a great platform for full websites.

14. Establishes a community

WordPress has the features and plugins to make the establishment of a community convenient and easy.

15. Saves you money

It’s free at the start and as open source, you won’t need to necessarily use web technicians to update and improve your site over time.

16. Ecommerce solutions.

By using plugins like WooCommerceWP eCommerce or Shopp Wordpress can support your online shop.

17. Hosting is easy

If you want to switch hosts, it’s usually easy because WordPress works with pretty much every server.

18. Look fresh. Forever.

It’s easy to update the look and content of your website, keeping it fresh for your customers.

19. Membership benefits

WordPress can be converted into a full-fledged membership site with exclusive membership.

20. Save time

WordPress allows you to schedule blogs / posts so you don’t have to be “live” when something appears.

21. Multi-user capability

WordPress allows you to set different levels of admin and editing rights for different users.

22. Add testimonials

There are lovely testimonials plugins to use to add credibility to your website through reviews.

23. Publish content with one-click

You can publish content easily – even from a mobile app!

24. Universal platform

WordPress features a universal platform. Dashboards always look the same. That’s easy.

25. It’s getting better!

WordPress hires top-notch developers. So it’s always getting better.

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