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Website trends 2016

Mar 05, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Website marketing 0 comments

What are the website trends 2016 you need to be aware of? Here’s a quick checklist of things to maybe avoid, to start with.

  1. Hidden under a hamburger!
    You know the little icon that expands to show you the menu? Sure it keeps the site slick. But hiding information alienates users. Even if the global navigation is difficult to design and hard to maintain, most sites will still be better off showing top-level categories to users right away.
  2. Carousel chaos
    Every site pretty much has a carousel (image slider). But high res images can reduce site loading speed. Too many is annoying, as is too slow transition. They can push content below the fold line. They reduce SEO relevant content. So combine carousels with words, messages, links and make them earn their keep or ditch them in 2016!
  3. Parallax panic
    Ah parallax, when the foreground and background content scrolls at different speeds, creating an illusion of depth. It can also create a sense of motion sickness and usability issues according to The Journal of Usability Studies. It’s fun, but don’t overuse it!
  4. Early exits
    Remember when websites had Flash animated load screens you had to sit through before you could enter a site? People got bored. They are even more fickle in 2016, needing instant information gratification. So don’t overcomplicate your site and leave visitors hanging around. They will bolt for the exit.
  5. Type traumas
    So many fonts to choose from. Sometimes it looks like someone threw up a font book on a website. Keep it simple. Stick to fonts and typefaces that complement each other or are different enough to provide interesting contrast. We respond to fonts as much as we do colours so make sure yours says the right things about your brand! r

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