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Top tips – what makes the perfect Instagram post?

Dec 20, 2015 by D3 admin Category: Top tips 0 comments

It’s undeniable how powerful social media marketing has become, but what are the tricks & tips, what makes the perfect Instagram post?



Clean product posts that drive sales

1. Your image is visually appealing
We are wired to process visuals 60,000 times faster and more effective than words.
TIP: use the rule of thirds – psychologically it creates more visual interest.

2. Use a high quality photo
Blurry, pixelated and crappy photos are a visual turn-off and make you look unprofessional.
TIP: make your resolutions twice the recommended size to be sure it’s crisp
Instagram size: 640×640
Your size: 1280×1280

3. Bright lighting highlights your product
There’s no need for dramatic shadows in your product photos. The way to show off your product is to literally spot-light it.
TIP: if you don’t have a fancy lighting studio, midday outdoor sunlight is your best bet. Or if you’re inside, shoot near a sunny window.

The key to having followers eat out of your hands

4. Grab attention and be persuasive
TIP: the 5 most persuasive words in the English language are:

5. Ask a direct question for more engagement
GOOD: would you buy the blue or the black?
BAD: what’s your favourite colour?
TIP: the answer should be in the question. Psychologically it makes answering easier (and more likely!)

6. Gotta have a call-to-action if you want any action
Even if you think it’s super obvious tell your peeps what to do.
EX: click the link in bio to read the post

7. Use relevant hashtags so your content can go viral
Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags get the most interaction
TIP: write 4-5 hashtags in a comment below the description. In 30 minutes delete that comment and write a new one with 5-6 new hashtags. This way you’ll get all the reach of 11 hashtags without looking too spammy.

Ultimate Instagrammer etiquette for engagement

8. Respond to comments & answer questions
People buy from who they trust. To build your brand trust, use a consistent brand voice and respond to comments and questions on your posts.
TIP: a simple ‘thank you’ is really powerful and will go a long way.




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