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Simple advertising design

Mar 10, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Advertising 0 comments

We were at Gatwick airport yesterday and saw the HSBC Advance account simple advertising campaign. Very eye catching and effective. Why does it work? Because it focuses on a great emotional image that everyone can relate to. Tied to a very simple and clear message.   Great website design also embraces these principles. Keep things simple, sweet and short (unless […]

Website trends 2016

Mar 05, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Website marketing 0 comments

What are the website trends 2016 you need to be aware of? Here’s a quick checklist of things to maybe avoid, to start with. Hidden under a hamburger! You know the little icon that expands to show you the menu? Sure it keeps the site slick. But hiding information alienates users. Even if the global navigation […]

How many people use mobile websites?

Mar 03, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Website marketing 0 comments

Ignore mobile at your peril. it’s not about you. It’s about reaching your customers, prospects and audience when, how and where they are. And that’s on a mobile! 2014 & 15 stats showed us some key metrics. What will 2016 bring? If we’re anything like the US in the UK, these stats make eye popping […]

Flier design – it’s a dogs life!

Feb 28, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Design 0 comments

Most of our website customers also need other services. Here’s our latest dog-centred flier design pieces including one for Unleashed Dog Day Care Centre in Worthing. We created a new brand for them, then a website and brochure and as they grow we support their growth with new materials. Of course they have really cute photos we […]

Why WordPress?

Feb 10, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Business 0 comments

WordPress is a very popular content management system which is 2015 supported more than 74 million sites. It’s powerful and we design in it for many reasons. So why WordPress? 1. It’s free You might want to pay for great plugins, but in essence WordPress is 100 percent free is extremely beneficial. It is also open source. This means that you […]

Recent work: Bootcamp website design

Jan 28, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Design 0 comments

We have done a lot of work in the fitness industry and have hands on experience supporting many boot camp operators across UK and Europe. A new start up in Marbella, Spain asked us to create a name that stood out and develop a responsive bootcamp website design. We didn’t just design. We wrote all the […]

How to make your website better

Jan 21, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Top tips 0 comments

Whether you are starting from scratch in planning a website (in which case contact us) or reviewing what you have, here are 10 practical tips for how to make your website better (tweaks and tips). Here’s our test Sit someone who doesn’t know you in front of your website. Switch the screen on for 15 seconds […]

Content marketing: attract in 3 easy steps

Jan 14, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Website marketing 0 comments

You’ve probably heard of content marketing and you will have certainly visited content marketing sites every time you access the internet. What is it? Well whenever you visit news sites, entertainment sites or blogs like this, you are visiting a site that uses content (useful information) to market itself. Content marketing can be successfully used to […]

Reasons for cart abandonment

Jan 07, 2016 by D3 admin Category: ecommerce 0 comments

As an online retailer, seeing those people who place something in their basket and don’t check out (abandon cart) is very frustrating and a lost sale. So what are the reasons for cart abandonment? Is your business suffering from confusing checkouts, out-dated functionality or security issues? Contact us today to see if we can offer you […]

Recent work: plumber website design

Jan 01, 2016 by D3 admin Category: Design 0 comments

Plumber website design – if you look around the internet they can all be rather amateurish and boring so when DB Malorey in Jersey approached us to do a plumber website design that stood out from the crowd, we were delighted. With so many services, it was important to prioritise them in the text and navigation to […]